Scandinavian concept, American inspiration

It was the sandwich shops in the US that originally inspired The Bagel Co's business concept. In the US, sandwich shops always offer a wide range of fresh ingredients to please any taste. For more than 10 years, The Bagel Co has offered fresh, high-quality ingredients to our customers, and we have become a strong brand with many happy and dedicated customers.

The history of The Bagel Co

In 1994, Birthe and Barak tasted a bagel for the first time in New York. It was in a coffee shop on Manhattan in the hustle and bustle between the skyscrapers.

They loved the bagels! Two years and many bagels later, Birthe and Barak started The Bagel Co. Originally, they imported and sold the bagels in wholesale. However, the Danish customers didn't know what to do with the bagels, so Birthe and Barak decided to open their first The Bagel Co shop in Gothersgade in the heart of Copenhagen.

The shop offered the original bagel sandwich, coffee and freshly squeezed juice to its quality conscious customers. The shop quickly became a success, and Copenhageners were crazy about the ring-shaped bread that came in countless varieties with cream cheese and fresh ingredients. It didn’t take long before the employees were famous for their personal, kind and friendly customer service.