The best dairy products for your bagel sandwich

Here you can read about the dairy products that we use in our bagel sandwiches. As with our other ingredients, we choose our dairy products carefully. They have to be of high quality, taste great and always be fresh.

Cheddar cheese

We get our cheddar cheese from Belgium, where it is produced especially for us according to our high quality standards. The cheddar cheese has a natural firm texture, and the delicate orange colour comes from carrot juice.

Cream cheese

We mix our own cream cheese with fresh vegetables every day. We have cream cheese with pesto and with semidried cherry tomatoes. Enjoy it on a toasted bagel in the morning or together with our large selection of toppings in our bagel sandwiches.

Our cream cheese comes in three flavors:

  • Plain
  • Sundried cherry tomatoes
  • Pesto