Conditions of purchase


When the order is completed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. All payment information is encrypted, and we do not have access to any information about your account, credit card information etc. We only receive confirmation that the order has been paid.


We do not take responsibility for errors in the price list, products that are sold out or calculation errors.

Right of cancellation & return policy

According to an exception to The Danish Consumer Protection Act, cancellation area paragraph 17, subsection 2 and paragraph 9, subsection 2, purchase of food and other products for regular household consumption, which are purchased in public places, market places and markets, or that are to be delivered to the consumer are not covered by the right of cancellation.

Personal information

Personal information given to The Bagel Co in connection with a purchase will never be passed on to a third party. Information that you have submitted is stored securely in electronic format and can only be accessed by trusted employees at The Bagel Co. In connection with electronic payments, no account or credit card information is stored. All data communication in connection with electronic payments goes via an ePay Gateway payment server with the best possible security via an encrypted SSL-connection as prescribed by PBS. We store name, address, phone number and email address. Your email address functions as your unique customer number, and therefore it is important that you type a correct email address that belongs to you. The IP Address from which the order is created is also registered. This registration is only used in case of false orders, which will be reported to the police.

Security of online payments

When shopping on the Internet, you may not feel safe when typing in your card information and accepting the purchase afterwards. However, thanks to Danish legislation, you do not need to worry when shopping online. The reason for this is that electronic payments are covered by a set of regulations aiming at maintaining the highest level of security against misuse. This means that if you discover an unauthorized withdrawal from your account, the card issuer (bank, etc.) is obliged to return the amount to your account. The card issuer may then demand the money back from the shop that has withdrawn the amount.

You can read more about online purchase, payment and security on the following websites: